Introducing a unique, data-driven guide for anyone who loves music.


Hi, and welcome to The Experience Factor, a 240-page book and accompanying web resource about the science of sound and music. Aimed at anyone who listens to, creates, or works with music, it offers a data-driven, practical guide to writing better songs, building stronger playlists, and creating more immersive musical experiences.

Discover the Power of Music

Music is a ubiquitous and uniquely human phenomenon that’s been literally millions of years in the making. It can be found in every known culture in every corner of the world, and for most of us it underpins both our private and social lives.

As a result of its extended development, music is endowed with a unique power to impact many of our neurobiological, psychological and behavioural processes in rather systematic ways. To sex that up a little, music has been shown to stimulate our minds, capture our hearts and seduce our bodies in remarkably predictable ways.

Use Science to Create Better Music

My goal in creating The Experience Factor is to bridge the gap between empirical research and applied musical activities such as songwriting and playlist building, TV, movie and video game soundtrack composition, and experience-driven activities such as audio branding.

The Experience Factor will help music fans connect more deeply with the music they love, music creators write more compelling music, and industry professionals produce more engaging experiences.

Connect With the Soundtrack to Your Life

Underpinned by over 200 scientific studies, The Experience Factor is a data-driven, practical guide for anyone who loves music. Available as a softcover, hardcover and ebook, it offers a unique perspective on the music we listen to everyday.

My hope is that, however you're hooked on music, it will profoundly connect you with the soundtrack to your life.


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